Kevin Scott at The Georgian Club


On Thursday, September 7, members of the Georgian Club attended a seminar featuring Kevin Scott, co-founder of Addo Institute. The Addo Institute is a worldwide leadership consulting firm that seeks to help leaders from major companies steer their business in the best direction. Kevin Scott has worked with companies such as Kroger, Cox Communications, and United Way.

Mr. Scott’s seminar focused on the importance of exchanges highlighted in his book 8 Essential Exchanges: What You Have to Give Up to Go Up. Exchanges, according to Mr. Scott, are decisions between really good things and even better things. He focused on four important exchanges: stability for significance, expedience for excellence, acceptance for accomplishment, and immediate for ultimate. These exchanges apply to individual betterment as well as for company growth. In his seminar, Scott sought to motivate attendees to figure out the best exchanges in order to achieve their personal goals, and Scott truly achieved his goal of motivating those at The Georgian Club. 

For more information on Kevin Scott, read his bio here.