The Creed

We pledge to conduct our affairs in an ethical and professional manner, setting standards to which others aspire. We will continue to strive to be a civic, social, and economic asset to our community through controlled growth and efficient, effective product and people development. 

To Our Members We Pledge:

  • To offer the opportunity to enrich your social, professional, community, and personal lives by providing a proper, wholesome atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas and ideals;

  • To reflect in our membership the merging of creeds, political views, and geographic origins without regard to race or gender;

  • To provide facilities that will welcome all and create a warm and comfortable haven for members and guests;

  • To strive for consistent excellence in the provision of personalized and courteous services;

  • To provide the finest and highest quality of food and beverage at a fair and reasonable price.


To Our Employees We Strive:

  • To provide a working environment that will attract and reward employees of the highest moral and ethical values and work ethics;

  • To recognize that you are our greatest asset in the accomplishment of our mission of member satisfaction;

  • To provide the vehicle to achieve, through training and leadership, the opportunity for personal and professional growth;

  • To provide an environment that encourages open and honest communication between staff and management.


From Our Employees We Expect:

  • Realization that our members are the reason for your employment;

  • Courteous, consistent, and personalized service to our members, as defined in this Creed, so as to leave nothing to be desired;

  • An honest and conscientious effort to meet the expectations and standards of your position;

  • Recognition that you are the image of your club or facility, and the image you project is what members perceive the facility to be.