MUST Ministries Lunch


Futren Hospitality has long promoted the importance of giving back to the community. Our Chairman, Jim Rhoden, coined the phrase "paying your civic rent" to describe the act of repaying the community for what it has given you. Our most recent act of paying civic rent was serving lunch at Must Ministries. Indian Hills Country Club provided the food and volunteers served a delicious lasagna, salad, vegetables, and breadsticks. It was a big hit with the patrons of Must Ministries' Loaves and Fishes Kitchen. 

The Loaves and Fishes Kitchen operates 365 days a year and serves nearly 80,000 meals a year, most of which are purchased and prepared by civic, church, corporate, and family volunteer groups. To volunteer to provide a meal at the Loaves and Fishes Community Kitchen, please contact Lavon Minns at or visit